One famous author hasn’t been “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

Margaret Atwood says she is too old to know who Kylie Jenner is. The legendary author shared her thoughts on Kylie Jenner’s recent controversial “The Handmaid’s Tale” outfit.

Jenner faced backlash for throwing a Gilead-themed birthday party for Stassie Karanikolaou. People online labelled the costume party as “tone-deaf.”

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“Oh, Kylie Jenner,” Atwood recently told New York Magazine. “I had to look up who Kylie Jenner was, I’m so old.”

“My readers deal with those things. They notice them before I do,” she continued. “I expect that Kylie Jenner heard from some of them along the lines of ‘We appreciate the thought, but you kind of missed it.'”

That wasn’t the only time Jenner was ribbed about her choice of outfits. When she recently posted a video of baby daughter Stormi, some fans pointed out the similarities of her outfit to “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

Atwood said it is common for people to cross the line when trying to pay homage to the book and television series.

“There were some themed tequila. People often do this in a very well-meaning way; they’re not trying to be unpleasant,” she explained.

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“It has been the occasion when I’ve been speaking somewhere and I will be greeted with ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ cupcakes because the person doing the catering is such a fan,” Atwood shared. “Will I turn up my nose at such cupcakes? No, I will not. I will not do that.”

“The Handmaid’s Tale” television series from Hulu is based on Atwood’s 1985 novel of the same name. The show stars Elisabeth Moss.