Dan Levy discusses his time working on “Schitt’s Creek”, being a huge Beyoncé fan, and much more during Vogue‘s “73 Questions” clip.

Levy became the latest celebrity to show the publication round his apartment, with one of the questions being how he managed to juggle all the jobs on “Schitt’s Creek”, from creator to producer to showrunner to star.

He said, when questioned how he’s still standing, “You might want to ask my therapist.”

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The Canadian then added, “When you do something that you’re passionate about it just comes quite easily.”

Levy was also asked about fashion, insisting: “I think you have to feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, because if you’re uncomfortable, people can see, and people can tell, and that’s not a good look.”

He then refused to rank all the Beyoncé albums, telling the reporter: “Absolutely not. Why would I ever do that? They’re all masterpieces.”

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Levy is also a huge Mariah Carey fan. See more in the clip above.