Cameron Monaghan wants everyone to know he’s not sweating it.

The “Shameless” star took to Twitter on Wednesday to clear up his actual feelings about the controversy surrounding his character in the new video game “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order”.

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Monaghan had posted a series of tweets responding to news that some players were modifying the game to change his character’s hair colour from his natural red to black, with many online publications writing that he was “upset” or “heated” over the issue.

As the actor explained in a tweet soon after, he was neither heated, nor upset, but rather just joking around while eating a taco.

When a user suggested that it would have been reasonable to be upset over discrimination against redheads, Monaghan responded that people should “move on.”

In his original, now-deleted Twitter storm, Monaghan had written, “Gotta love that there are insecure dudes out there who can’t handle playing as a redhead. Seriously, ginger hate is still a thing? We’ve gotta be one of the only groups left where it’s not taboo to shit on us for being born or looking a certain way, right?”

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He continued, “But I do genuinely find the weird superiority complex of these insecure men making comments about my appearance kinda… amusing? Like, are they made because their girlfriends have a crush on me or something? Just kidding, we know they don’t have girlfriends.”

Finally, he added, “Mannnnn Twitter really can’t take a lighthearted joke. People who look different from the norm are awesome. Redheads are awesome. If someone tells you you aren’t great because you are different from whatever is considered ‘standard’, just know you rock. The end.”