Josh Gad is all for those “Frozen” fan theories surrounding Elsa’s sexuality, but he has his own thoughts.

This week the actor, who voices the loveable Olaf in the hit Disney franchise, chatted with Buzzfeed News’ morning show “AM to PM” about the fans who hope Queen Elsa is a lesbian.

But according to Gad, Elsa is all about self-love.

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“The directors wanted to tell a story that didn’t necessarily feel like it was about Elsa necessarily searching for or looking for love,” he explained. “It was more about Elsa embracing Elsa.”

And just because there is no love interest for her now, doesn’t mean it won’t come for Elsa: “It’s not to say that journey can’t still happen in the future.”

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Elsa’s song from the 2013 hit, “Let It Go”, quickly became an LGBTQ anthem, prompting fans to believe the character could be a lesbian.

“Frozen 2” is in theatres now.