Jimmy Fallon and Jason Aldean are the ultimate drinking buddies in a new “The Tonight Show” sketch.

In the clip, they return to their “Hometown Bar” catchy country tune all about returning to that neighbourhood dive the night before Thanksgiving.

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“Pies are in the oven/ Gosh I love my folks but I’m sure sick of ’em,” Aldean croons, before Fallon joins in with: “The bouncer inside is named Big Dave/ He used to kick me out when I was underage/ But now he just goes in for a high five.”

As the pair meet up for a couple of pints, they spot the “girl who had a kid” who’s now drinking with her son, their old math teacher who’s chugging a beer and the guy with the neck tattoo.

After all their drinking, both Fallon and Aldean admit “We’ll wish we didn’t go so hard,” but they don’t let that stop them.