Jane Fonda delivered yet another inspirational speech as she joined hundreds of people protesting for a Green New Deal Friday.

Fonda, who has been arrested on numerous occasions over the past month or so, was back on the streets marching as part of the “Fire Drill Friday” protests, with numerous social media videos being posted online.

One Twitter caption read: “We are marching over to the US Capitol steps to put our bodies on the line for food justice, agriculture, a green new deal, and no new fossil fuels #FireDrillFriday.”

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The likes of Iain Armitage, age just 11, and Paul Scheer attended the march alongside Fonda, who has been protesting every Friday against climate inaction near the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

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Scheer ended up being arrested at the protest, shown in a video posted by Fire Drill Fridays holding his bound wrists in the air before the police led him away.

Fonda recently told Buzzfeed News of the climate crisis: “We’re living in a generation where the decisions we make in the next 10 years can be the difference between 100 million people dying or 400 million people dying. These are life-and-death decisions.”

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