Hillary Clinton Visits ‘The Graham Norton Show’ To Reveal What She Wishes She Told Donald Trump At Most Memorable Debate

Hillary Clinton is recalling one of the most memorable moments of her battle with Donald Trump for the presidency of America, when the two debated in St. Louis.

The former Secretary of State visited “The Graham Norton Show” show, and recalled how Trump roamed around the stage, standing behind her. “He loomed over me,” she told Norton. “It was all designed to get into my head.”

Asked if she realized what Trump was doing behind her as she spoke, she replied, “Yes, of course I did. I mean, I think any woman would know that somebody was [looming].”

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Clinton told Norton that while the debate was happening, another debate was going on inside her head, as to whether she should maintain her composure and ignore Trump — which she did, believing it to be the more presidential path to take — or halt her remarks and address Trump directly.

In hindsight, she now regrets not doing the latter. “Maybe I should have turned around and said, ‘You’re not going to intimidate me like you try to intimidate women. Back off you creep!'” she told Norton. “You know, maybe I should have said that.”

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According to Clinton, what took place is “a real lesson, it’s a real thought lesson for women in public life or in the private sector, when you find yourself in these positions where a male co-worker, a boss, client, is really pushing you, trying to dominate you, our usual response is to just hold ourselves together and not respond, because if you’re too hot they accuse you of being angry,” she explained.

“If you’re kind of apologetic, like, ‘Please don’t do that to me,’ you’re accused of being weak. It’s really hard to get right in the sweet spot of being strong and effective without creating additional blowback,” she added.

Later in the show, Clinton was joined by daughter Chelsea Clinton to discuss the book they co-authored, The Book of Gutsy Women. During the conversation, the former First Daughter recalled the time she attempted to order a pizza to the White House, and also revealed that she and her mom are both big fans of animated U.K. kids’ show “Peppa Pig” — watch:

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