Kylie Jenner Goes After Fake Kylie Cosmetics Site: ‘My Team Is Working To Get Them Shut Down’

Kylie Cosmetics has been cloned.

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Kylie Jenner took to Twitter on Friday to inform her fans that an e-commerce website is masquerading as the official site for her cosmetics line. The website looks pretty authentic and Jenner is looking to stop the site from leeching her sales and duping consumers.

The reason for the cloned website’s authentic look is because the domain owners have detail-for-detail copied the official website.

“Hey guys there is a fake site that has cloned my website and is pretending to be my brand! Do NOT shop from this site!” Jenner wrote. “My team is working to get them shut down ASAP!”

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Jenner said the only places to get official Kylie Cosmetics products are at and Ultra Beauty.

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