Craig Morgan Reflects On Son’s Fatal Drowning: ‘If You Have A Moment Of Joy For Some Reason You Feel Guilty’

Life without his eldest son has not gotten much easier for Craig Morgan.

The country musician released “The Father, My Son, and the Holy Ghost” in October. The song was a tribute to Morgan’s eldest son, Jerry Greer, who died in a drowning accident in 2016. Greer was only 19-years-old. Morgan opened up about coping with the loss and his songwriting process.

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“I think that the true help, as far as coping, comes from seeing what this song is doing for the people,” he told “CMT Hot 20 Countdown” host Cody Alan. “As tough as it is for me, I know it’s that tough and even more so for my wife. So it’s really difficult.”

“Even now, if you have a moment of joy, for some reason, you feel guilty,” he continued. “For a year I couldn’t even hardly kiss my wife and not feel uncomfortable, because that’s a joyous moment when you share that with your partner. You feel guilty, and she would cry, so it was really tough to figure out how to how to manoeuvre through all these emotions.”

The music for “The Father, My Son, and the Holy Ghost” quite literally came to Morgan in a dream.

“One morning, about 3:30 in the morning, I woke up literally singing that chorus in my head and I remember sitting up on the edge of the bed thinking, ‘I need to write this down or I’ll forget it. And it feels like it’s important,'” Morgan shared.

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“So I went downstairs, I got a guitar and I started playing a melody that I felt like I heard in my head. I’m not the greatest guitarist in the world but I play enough to write to,” he explained. “I started writing it. And then four hours later I completely finished the song, word for word, the way you hear it now. And it just happened. And I cried. I mean, I cried so much.

“The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost” was Morgan’s first major single release since 2016’s “I’ll Be Home Soon”.

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