After two years away from the public eye, Louis C.K. is returning to comedy with a tour that has taken him to Tel Aviv.

While in the city on Thursday, the comedian took the stage making the joke, “I’d rather be in Auschwitz than New York City,” adding, “I mean now, not when it was open.”

Reports have all said that the primarily Jewish audience thought it was funny and it was a big hit. Louis is Jewish on his father’s side.

The joke stems from his claims that New Yorkers don’t like him after he admitted to years of sexual misconduct including masturbating in front of women.

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Louis also joked with the audience that random people will now give him the finger while he is out for dinner.

Later on in the set, he acknowledged his transgressions, saying, “If they say `yes,’ then still don’t do it, because it’s not popular.”

Protestors did show up outside his show with signs that read “I don’t want to see your dick” and “We believe victims.”

Although with 5,000 people showing up for the set, it would seem he has many supporters in the city.

“We don’t support what he did to those women, but we like him as a comedian,” said one man to The Associated Press. “It’s not like he raped someone.”

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The man’s wife added that it is “a little bit complicated” since he asked permission first and that shouldn’t end the career of a “genius.”

She likened supporting Louis to “supporting animal rights and still eating meat.”

The comedian is known for his off-colour jokes that he blames not landing because of the PC culture. One of those being a line about Parkland shooting survivors.

Louis is wrapping up his international tour in Slovakia and Hungary before coming back to the United States for a few remaining shows.