Olivia Jade Returns To YouTube After College Admissions Scandal

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli’s daughter Olivia Jade was a popular YouTube star before the college admissions scandal broke out.

Jade took a lengthy eight-month break from the platform while the whole ordeal heated up and then cooled off. Now she is back but says she can’t talk about what is going on.

In a video titled “hi again”, Jade explains that until her parent’s case (which they have pleaded not guilty) comes to a close, she can’t legally give details.

“Obviously, I’ve been gone for a really long time. And, as much as I wish I could talk about all of this … it’s really hard for me to say this, just because I know that it’s something that needs to be addressed,” Jade says in her video.

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She adds, “It’s just, unfortunately, also why I didn’t know exactly when I should come back to YouTube but the reason for that is just ’cause I’m legally not allowed to speak on anything going on right now.”

She further explains that she contemplated if she should return to YouTube for a long time but her passion for vlogging and her fans won.

“I actually really, really miss it,” Jade confesses. “I genuinely miss filming. I feel like a huge part of me is just not the same because this is something that I’m really passionate about. It’s something I really like to do.”

“This is the best I can do and I want to move on with my life, not trying to be in a selfish way,” she says. “It’s so hard because I’m not trying to make this about me or how I’ve been because it’s not the point of this.”

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Jade then ends her video saying, “Moral of the story is I’ve missed you guys so much and I’m just really excited to start filming again and to start uploading. I really hope you enjoy the future vlogs.”

Loughlin, 55, and Mossimo, 56, were charged with mail fraud, money laundering and bribery for allegedly paying “bribes totalling $500,000″ to get both their daughters into USC under the guise that they were recruits to the crew team.

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