Rob Lowe’s Son John Trolls Him From Backstage At ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Rob Lowe is stopping by the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday where he gushed about his sons.

His eldest, Matthew, 26, has just passed the California bar exam and John, 24, is writing for Ryan Murphy.

John, who became viral after trolling his father on Instagram, continued the trend by sitting backstage and had comebacks for Lowe’s interview with DeGeneres.

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While talking about “The Outsiders” alum being named in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, John responded, “You should ask him how many time he’s been on the cover.”

DeGeneres then showed examples of why he should be on the cover.

“He’s in there but it’s basically a participation award,” John quipped.

As they showed another shirtless photo of Lowe, John wrote, “Honestly surprised he’s not shirtless right now.”

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The comments kept coming including John teasing his father for not doing anything around the house.

The two also chatted about Lowe’s new Netflix film “Holiday in the Wild” which was filmed in Africa with real elephants and leopards.

“Netflix must have an algorithm. Guy from “West Wing”, girl from “Sex and the City” plus baby elephants and Christmas,” Lowe said as DeGeneres added, “equala a hit.”

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