Five Things We Learned From Our ‘Glee’ Extravaganza

Not only was it the epic finale of Glee Season 4 last night, but it was also our special live chat with the show’s star Blake Jenner, AKA Ryder Lynn, who candidly answered questions from thrilled fans across the globe.

Blake not only gave inside knowledge on his character, but he also shared fun facts about himself – like his favourite dessert is Birthday Cake Remix from Coldstone Creamery and how he’s a big Ryan Gosling fan. So between the star’s chat and the exciting wrap-up with All Or Nothing, what were the top five things we learned from our Glee-tastic night?

5. Chord Overstreet Is A Real Jokester!

When a fan asked Blake what his funniest moment with Chord was, here’s what he said:

4.We Learn The Identity of Ryder’s Catfish

The secret texter who has been eluding Ryder and fans all season is – Marley! – No wait it’s Unique. After Ryder blows-up during a Glee club rehearsal in the choir room demanding the culprit come clean, Marley admits she is the secret texter. Just as Marley tries to explain herself to her crush, Unique interjects and admits she deceived him and used the identity of “Katie”; because she didn’t think he would go for her otherwise. This only makes Ryder more angry and he vows never to speak to her ever again – sad face :(

3. Emma And Will Get Married!

We thought the wedding might happen next season, but after New Directions takes home the trophy at Regionals, the group heads back to to the choir room where Emma, who’s scared of big weddings, arrives with a priest and the long-time loves get married on the spot with the Glee club kids in attendance.

2. Blake and Ryder have romance/showmance going on!

During our live chat a fan asked the question on every girl’s mind. Is the triple threat in a relationship? And his answer was: “Yeah, I have a romance going on :).”; So who is the  lucky lady? Everybody assumes it’s the co-star he has amazing chemistry with, Melissa Benoist, who plays the sweetheart Marley. So is it??


So there you have it! Another real life Glee showmance/romance!

1. Micheal Bolton Is Sue Sylvester’s Baby Daddy

Brittany makes Sue fess up to her famous hook-up when she presents evidence in front of Mr. Schu and Sue. Not only is Old Milton Beach the location of Sue’s daughter’s birth, an anagram for Michael Bolton, but his latest single happens to be titled, “So Proud To Be Your Your Father Robin Sylvester”;. Sue admits she saved the singer back in 1994, when he was choking on his own hair, so he owed her one – a one-night stand that is, which Sue claims was super hot!



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