Melania Trump Lightens Up White House Christmas Decor After Red-Tree Controversy

While U.S. President Donald Trump fights for his political life in the midst of impeachment hearings, one unimpeachable fact is clear: His wife isn’t letting anything cast a shadow over the White House at Christmas.

First Lady Melania Trump and her decorators have transformed the White House into an extremely festive — and extremely white — tribute to the holiday season, as new video posted on her official Twitter account shows.

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Melania’s new design is a stark turnaround from her 2018 Christmas display, which sparked controversy with its heavy use of blood-red Christmas trees.

Photo: White House/YouTube
Photo: White House/YouTube

This year’s design is much brighter, even in terms of Melania’s outfit. She dresses in white for the 2019 Christmas video, in contrast to the black she wore in 2018.

Melania stars in the new 57-second video to showcase the White House’s Christmas makeover, which includes lots of white light, white flowers, gold ornaments and green foliage.
Photo: White House/YouTube
Photo: White House/YouTube
The decor is based around the theme “The Spirit of America,” she said on Twitter.

“I am delighted to share this beautiful exhibit of patriotism for all to see, and excited for everyone to experience the beauty of the Christmas season!” she wrote.

The video shows Melania opening a White House Advent calendar, straightening a ring of roses around the fireplace and strolling through the brightly lit hallways of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Photo: White House/YouTube
Photo: White House/YouTube

It also shows her adjusting a few ornaments on the Christmas trees, including a collection of Scrabble letters that spell out “Be Best,” her anti-bullying campaign.

The video also shows a hallway that’s been seemingly transformed into a scene out of Frozen, with white snowflakes hanging in an icy arch around those who walk through.

Photo: White House/YouTube
Photo: White House/YouTube

The first lady unveiled the decorations in a tweet late Sunday night.

The White House’s official Christmas tree for the year is a 16-year-old Douglas Fir on display in the Blue Room, according to the White House Twitter account. The tree stands over five metres tall and comes from Pennsylvania.

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President Trump did not mention the White House makeover in an early-morning Twitter tirade Monday, before he departed for a NATO summit in the United Kingdom.

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