Brad Pitt is opening up about his bouts with alcoholism.

The “Ad Astra” actor recently sat down with “Meet Joe Black” co-star Anthony Hopkins for Interview magazine. At one point in the chat, the actors touched on their shared struggles with alcohol.

“I’ve read you had a struggle with booze and all that,” Hopkins stated. Pitt responded by saying he saw it as a “disservice” to himself and that he used it as an “escape.” Hopkins said he too had struggled with drinking but has since moved on.

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“So you’re embracing all your mistakes,” Pitt replied. “You’re saying, ‘Let’s be our foibles, our embarrassment. There’s beauty in that.'”

The theme of “mistakes” is something that Pitt continued to touch on throughout the interview.

“We’ve always placed great importance on the mistake,” he said. “But the next move, what you do after the mistake, is what really defines a person. We’re all going to make mistakes. But what is the next step?”

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“We don’t, as a culture, seem to stick around to see what that person’s next step is,” Pitt continued. “And that’s the part I find so much more invigorating and interesting.”

Pitt did not elaborate on what those mistakes were.

“I’m human,” Pitt expressed. “We’re human, we want purpose, we want meaning in our lives. But to attain that, the key is two things: staying creative and being with the people you love.”