Tom Hanks is one of the most famous people in the world, which means it’s hard for him to go anywhere without being recognized.

The “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” star was on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and shared the story of how he knew he’d been recognized in public early in his career.

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“When ‘Big’ came out, my dad and my stepmom were in New York and we went to a really fancy restaurant,” Hanks recalled. “There was a pianist, a harpist and a violinist playing a little bit of music. Suddenly a piano and a harp and a violin started playing ‘Heart and Soul’. I said, ‘I think this is because of the movie.’”

He added, “It’s better than the other stuff they yell at you! ‘Wilson!’ I get a lot of that. ‘Brace for impact!’

Clarkson also revealed that one of Hanks’ biggest movies has been a huge influence on her personal life at home.

She admitted to the actor that she calls the sports balls in her home Wilson, referencing his 2000 hit “Castaway”.

“We’re like, ‘Grab Wilson, put it in the car,’” Clarkson laughed.

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Also on the show, Hanks explained the mysterious gift he gave his “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” co-stars that left them scratching their heads.