‘Downton Abbey’ Movie Sequel Very Likely To Happen Down The Road

A sequel to the “Downton Abbey” movie will probably happen, but likely not anytime soon.

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Producer Gareth Neame was asked about a potential sequel to the hit TV series spin-off released earlier this year.

“Fortunately, it has worked,” he said at the Content London conference’s Drama Summit, Variety reported. “It’s Focus Features’ biggest film ever, it broke the record held by ‘Brokeback Mountain’ for many years, it’s Universal’s biggest release in the U.K. all year, and [it’s] so far grossed about $185 million globally.

He added, “We all enjoyed it. The actors enjoyed it, so hopefully we’ll find a way to come back for more.”

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But when it comes to getting a sequel off the ground, that will just have to wait, as Neame and writer Julian Fellowes are currently hard at work on the upcoming HBO drama “The Gilded Age”.

“We won’t start shooting until March, and there are huge sets going up and we are casting in New York at the moment,” Neame said. “Julian is doing a lot of rewrites, and he said: ‘It may delay me thinking further about this ‘Downton’ endeavour.’ I said: ‘I like to think you have two shifts going on, a day shift and night shift, and the TV work can happen during the day and the writing on the ‘Downton’ script at night.’”

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