Harlem Globetrotter Make History With Skydiving Slam Dunk From 13,000 Feet

The Harlem Globetrotters accomplished quite a feat from 13,000 feet.

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Legendary member Hammer Harrison celebrated World Trick Shot Day on Tuesday by attempting to set a world-record slam dunk. Harrison took to the skies quite literally, as he skydived from 13,000 feet to a basketball hoop.

Harrison, attached to a professional skydiver, nailed the dunk and set a new record. This was the world’s highest slam dunk, topping last year’s attempt when Harrison jumped off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas at 855 feet.

“We work on trick shots every day, though the skydive trick shot is not one of them,” Harrison said. “We practice them because it’s such a thrill for us, and for our fans. Our fans give us such great feedback when we post them. We love getting the chance to see what they can do, too.”

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World Trick Shot Day was founded by the Harlem Globetrotters four years ago.

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