“The Mandalorian” is only four episodes in, and already the show has its own coffee cup-style controversy.

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After the premiere of the fourth episode of the “Star Wars” series on the new Disney+ streaming service, a fan posted a video on YouTube pointing out a clear technical goof in one shot.

As the video shows, the shot features a visible boom microphone popping into the top of the frame at around the 16:37 mark in the episode, as Mando is having a conversation with another character.

The goof is reminiscent of the viral mistake during Season 8 of “Game of Thrones”, in which a takeout coffee cup was spotted blatantly sitting on a table during a scene. HBO responded by digitally erasing the cup.

So far, Disney has yet to respond to the boom mic gaffe.

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On Twitter, fans cracked jokes about “The Mandalorian” goof.