Santa Claus is a busy man so Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo are vetting children ahead of Christmas.

“Christmas is only three weeks away,” Kimmel said on Tuesday’s episode of his show. “This is a very good Christmas gift. To help them, kind of, Guillermo and I – as we’ve been known to do – dressed up as elves to give Santa a head’s up on a young lady named Emma.”

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” then cut to a pre-recorded segment of Kimmel and Guillermo dressed as elves. Kimmel had a number of questions for Emma to determine whether or not she was worthy of Santa’s glorious gifts.

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Kimmel asked Emma to go stand next to a conveyor and giant candy shaped lever.

“I want you to close your eyes and wish for an animal. Have you made the wish?” Kimmel asked. “Yes, a puppy,” Emma replied. “Don’t tell me what it is. Make a wish. Okay, what did you wish for?” Kimmel responded. “A puppy,” Emma said yet again.

“Yeah, but don’t tell me what it is. Okay? Try it again. Close your eyes. Did you make your wish?” Kimmel reiterated. Emma changed up her answer: “That everybody cared for me.” Kimmel said, “Well everybody does care for you. Did you also wish for a puppy?” Cue Emma,”Yeah.”

This interaction went on for a while. Emma eventually clued in and stopped telling Kimmel about the puppy, but still managed to squeeze in a subtle head nod.

Kimmel then directed Emma to pull the enormous cane lever.

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“Here it comes,” the talk show host exclaimed. “Here comes what you wanted. It’s a puppy!” What came through the conveyor, however, was definitely not a dog. It was a goat.

“Yes!” a visibly excited Emma reacted. “Oh my god! I didn’t know. I didn’t know! Look! What have you done?”

Merry Christmas, Emma!