Tom Hanks, Adam Sandler Admit They’re Hard On Themselves If They Don’t Nail A Movie, Talk Showing Emotion On Set In Actors Roundtable Chat

The latest Hollywood Reporter Roundtable segment sees some of the greatest actors in Hollywood gather to talk about their careers.

Tom Hanks, Shia LaBeouf, Robert De Niro, Adam Driver, Jamie Foxx and Adam Sandler discuss everything from whether or not they’re hard on themselves in terms of nailing a movie, to comparing acting with some of their previous careers.

Credit: Miller Mobley/THR
Credit: Miller Mobley/THR

Sandler says of whether he gives himself a hard time if things don’t go to plan, “Oh my God! If there’s something great written, that I don’t think I got to where I’m supposed to, I’m really mad at myself.”

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Driver adds, “I don’t think you ever get over it. Because you know what your potential is more than anybody else. [And so] I have a lot of regret.”

Hanks continues, “There have been too many times where I thought I really cracked something over the fence and then I saw it and I said, ‘What the f**k? That’s as exciting as a closing door.'”

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Hanks goes on to say of having to cry on set, “It’s a physiological process that incorporates your emotions in the sinews of your body. It’s funny: Laughing and weeping are two very physical acts. I mean, when I cry, man, my face turns to rubber. And you can only get there if the text takes you there. But you can’t push it. It has to come out.”

Foxx admits, “Well, I’m just emotional. I’m always crying.”

Credit: Miller Mobley/THR
Credit: Miller Mobley/THR

Driver also talks about being in the military and whether comedy and drama seem trivial in comparison.

“Well, with one the stakes are life-and-death and with the other you’re pretending they are. But the process in which you work on them is the exact same.”

“It’s a group of people trying to accomplish a mission that’s bigger than any one person. You have a role and you have to know your role within a gun team. You’re only as good as the people that are there with you — and when they know what they’re doing, what you’re doing feels active and relevant and exciting. And when they don’t, it feels like a waste of resources and dangerous. That was the best acting training, actually, because you’re just so aware that you’re one part of a bigger picture.”

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