Mariah Carey Tells The Story Of ‘All I Want For Christmas’ In New Mini-Doc

Mariah Carey and “All I Want for Christmas” are getting a little extra love this holiday season.

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Not a year goes by without Carey’s iconic Christmas song lighting up households and dominating the airwaves. So it is not much of a shock to see “All I Want for Christmas” break some sort of record from year-to-year.

But 2019 offers something a little different, however, as Amazon has released the new mini-documentary “Mariah Carey is Christmas!” on Wednesday.

“I have such an emotional connection to Christmas,” Carey says in the doc “And it wasn’t about the gifts. It was just about the hopefulness of the holiday season and just feeling, like, in the spirit, and the need for me to express myself and make a song that made me feel happy at the holidays.”

The short film features commentary from Carey herself, “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson and Carey’s longtime collaborator Shirley Halperin.

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Carey recalls her mom trying to stretch her budget to make Christmas as great as possible, including wrapping items she could afford like fruit.

“I’m gonna make Christmas perfect every year,”the singer promised herself.

Commenting on the enduring popularity of the song, Carey says, “It was not of the time… it’s still not of the time. It’s grown in popularity over the years, and that’s the thing that’s amazing to me about this song.”

“Mariah Carey is Christmas!” premieres sometime in December.

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