Paul McCartney Video Chats With Astronaut Luca Parmitano From Space About The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Paul McCartney and Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano just had the most wholesome conversation about coffee.

The Beatles icon shared a short clip of their chat via webcam, and while the pair are worlds apart they bonded over their love of a good cup of coffee.

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McCartney’s post kicks off with Parmitano showing off his high-tech space coffee machine and the cool affects outer space has on the hot drink, including a floating coffee bubble.

“I know you British people prefer tea, but I’m Italian so I’ve got to have my coffee,” Parmitano tells the music legend.

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But all the coffee talk got McCartney craving a cup, “I like coffee too,” he said, before adding, “You’re making me want a cup of coffee now… I’m going to make myself one now too.”

While the clip cut off before McCartney grabbed his own, the pair gushed about how cool it was to be talking about each other.

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