“V Wars” star Ian Somerhalder isn’t afraid to be open and honest with the world about his sexual history.

The actor appeared Wednesday on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live this week and was asked how old he was when he lost his virginity.

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“13,” the actor revealed, confirming to Cohen that it was to a girl who was older than him when he was a model.

He added, “It was fun!”

Somerhalder went on to say, “It’s scary being a parent now, cause you know all this stuff.”

Also on the show, Cohen asked Somerhalder whether he was happy with how “The Vampire Diaries” ended.

Though he said he was happy with the ending, he did say that both of the Salvatore brothers, played by himself and co-star Paul Wesley, should have died.

He then described his own idea for an alternate ending, involving the brothers taking a trip to the Caribbean, reminiscing on the beach, and when the sun comes up they would take their rings off and die.

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Somerhalder also talked about the new line of bourbon he and Wesley are releasing together.