It cut Dwayne Johnson deep when he first heard about Kevin Hart’s serious car accident.

The crash left Hart with severe back injuries and could have ended fatally. But thankfully he’s okay and the “Jumanji: The Next Level” co-stars sat with Kevin McCarthy, opening about the accident.

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“His situation could have gone another way,” Johnson said. “He knows that and we know that. When I heard the news my heart stopped and I lost my breath.”

“Kevin’s one of the good ones. He’s one of the good eggs,” “The Rock” continued. “I’m really proud of not only his ability to overcome but also, again we’re here, we’re in Cabo. We made ‘Jumanji’. Life is good.”

Johnson admitted the accident brought the two friends and collaborators closer together.

“The beauty of our relationship is we hugged, and we had a real strong conversation when we finally came back face to face, about what this meant, how this has changed him,” he shared. “It’s almost as if life and the universe takes this shade and lifts it from your eyes and you view it in a different way.”

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“To hear him talk like that I was like, ‘you’re the same guy but a different guy now – empowered. With a different kind of spirit,'” Johnson concluded. “Then 20 minutes later we’re giving each other s**t.”

“Jumanji: The Next Level” premieres Dec. 13.