James Corden is making dreams come true… with a little help from Max Greenfield.

On Wednesday’s “The Late Late Show”, the host introduced a new edition of “Starbucks Theater”, in which he goes into a local L.A. Starbucks to find an aspiring screenwriter and then film their script in that very Starbucks.

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In this case, Corden discovered a young man, Michael, working on the script for “The Condensation Sensation”, a movie about two people falling in love at the Iditarod sled dog competition, describing it as an epic love story and a cross between “Titanic” and “Snow Dogs”.

Quickly, Corden began the casting process, giving roles to an aspiring actress at the coffee shop, as well as one of the baristas.

That’s when Greenfield joined the production, with Corden planning to CGI the barista Mason’s face over Greenfield’s in post because Mason was “really good.”

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In the end, the whole thing came together surprisingly well.

“We are all expecting an Oscar nomination,” Corden joked after playing the clip.