Pamela Anderson is fighting a new cause this holiday season, hoping to put an end to Texas A&M University’s muscular dystrophy research experiments on golden retrievers.

The Canadian icon, 52, spoke out against the issue, urging the university to stop all testing and even offered up her home for all the pups ahead of Christmas.

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“My golden retriever Star was my beloved companion for 17 years, from the start of my career in Hollywood. He even sat with me on the Baywatch set,” Anderson wrote in an open letter, to the university’s President Michael K. Young, with PETA. “After he passed away, I shared my home with other beautiful golden retrievers: JoJo, King, and now Zeus, who could use some canine friends.”

She added, “I’d like nothing more than to give the dogs still in your laboratory the same love and care that I’ve given my other dear companions.”

“Please commit to ending Texas A&M’s muscular dystrophy experiments on precious golden retrievers and to releasing the remaining dogs in the laboratory for adoption,” she ended the letter. “I’m ready to welcome them into my family.”

Anderson is one of many stars to join the fight against Texas A&M, James Cromwell, Lily Tomlin, Bill Maher and Paul McCartney have all spoken up against the lab’s experiments on dogs.

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In October, Cromwell was arrested outside the university while protesting the Board of Regents meeting. At the time, Cromwell released this statement: “Texas A&M continues to torment golden retrievers and other dogs, even though decades of these experiments have not led to a cure for humans with muscular dystrophy. It’s time to let the dogs out, and my friends at PETA and I want them released to good homes where they can live out the rest of their lives in peace.”

For more information, visit PETA’s official website.