Rachel Brosnahan thinks Midge Maisel’s kids are being raised just fine.

The actress stopped by SiriusXM along with the cast and crew of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” for a special “Town Hall” about the show and was asked about fan complaints about Midge’s parenting style.

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“I have a lot to say about this,” Brosnahan responded, according to Entertainment Weekly. “There are a lot of people raising these kids. These kids are being raised by a village and it has been so surprising the level of mom-shaming aimed at this fictional character.”

She continued, “We were in an interview in Italy and a reporter turned to me and asked me if I thought that Midge loved her children… Midge is someone who is pursuing a brand new dream and she’s sometimes self-centred in that pursuit but Joel, the father, has stepped up in a huge way and a way that’s particularly modern for this time. They have four loving grandparents, they have a Zelda; they have the privilege of having so many different people around to help them raise their children. They’re not perfect.”

At that point, Brosnahan’s co-star Tony Shalhoub also jumped in to say, “Parenting is a losing proposition. Now you have people that are mom-shaming, but you also have helicopter parents — that’s the other extreme. What in God’s earth is good parenting?”

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The cast also teased what’s to come in Season 3 of the show, debuting Dec. 6.

“The poster for this season is Midge standing in front of an airplane and it’s very fitting,” Alex Borstein said. “Everyone takes flight. For all our characters it’s, ‘we’ll see what happens!’ It’s a bit like the Wright brothers — there’s some crashes and some burns and everyone’s trying to expand. Everyone is growing. Some people are adding layers. Everyone’s worlds are changing.”