Prince Charles And Prince Philip Discuss Prince Andrew’s Future: ‘He Has To Take His Punishment’

Prince Charles has gone to his father Prince Philip for help dealing with Prince Andrew.

The Duke of Edinburgh, 98, retired in 2017 but has always been the head of the Firm behind closed doors.

Since the fallout from Prince Andrew’s interview with the BBC, where he claimed to have never met his accuser Virginia Roberts or failed to show remorse from any of Jeffery Epstein’s victims, Prince Andrew has been removed from his role as a working member of the Royal Family. However, earlier this week Charles and Philip told Andrew that he would have to “take his punishment” which could include not even joining the family during the annual walk to church on Christmas Day.

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According to The Telegraph, Andrew joined Philip and Charles at Sandringham on Monday.

“It was a tense meeting, and Philip told his son he had to take his punishment,” a palace insider told the publication. “There was no screaming or shouting, but Philip told him in no uncertain terms that he had to step down for the sake of the monarchy.”

They added, “It was all very civilized, but Charles calmly read him the riot act and told him there was no way back for him in the near future. Andrew thought he was being treated harshly as nothing has yet been proved against him, but he accepted the decision.”

Reportedly Philip understood that Andrew is technically innocent until proven guilty, but also realizes that his actions have been damaging.

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“Philip doesn’t like trial by the media,” the source said. “But he is realistic enough to realize that Andrew’s actions were a danger to the very fabric of the royal family.”

ET Canada spoke to the a source at the palace who said they won’t comment on private matters.

On Monday, BBC “Panorama” aired a second interview in which Roberts gave her side of the story. The hour-long programme also included an investigation of Andrew’s relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell which uncovered an email sent between the two discussing Roberts.

The palace has always denied any wrongdoing on the part of Prince Andrew.

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