Lady Gaga Lays Out Her Plans For The Next 10 Years Including ‘Colourful’ Music And Babies

Lady Gaga joined “NikkieTutorials” to talk about her glam looks but they also spoke about how she sees her future shaping.

As this decade wraps up, the two chatted about what Gaga sees going on in the next 10 years. “More music, not retiring anytime soon. All kinds of different music” she said. “More movies. I wanna have babies.”

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Growing Haus Laboratories also rates high on her list.

“There will be a ton of crazy things I do over the next decade. I just don’t know what they will be yet,” she added.

While not confirming when an album will come out, Gaga did comment, “Haus Laboratories is a colourful place and so is my music.”

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“It’s a polka record,” she joked. “I’m going in a totally new direction. And I’m gonna drop a classical piano album at the same time.”

The latter seems more realistic.

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