Lena Dunham Moved To Wales While She Was ‘Recovering From A Broken Heart’

Even though she’s a native New Yorker, Lena Dunham has been spending a lot of time in Wales recently, finding the country to be “healing” for her while she was in the process of “recovering from a broken heart.”

The star/creator of HBO’s “Girls” recently appeared on “The Jonathan Ross Show” in the U.K., and opened up about living in Wales, reports the Daily Mail.

As Dunham tells Ross in the interview, set to air on Saturday night, “I ended up in the hospital in Wales and it was better than Disneyland.”

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While being hospitalized isn’t usually a fun experience, Dunham says she had the time of her life. “They bring you a ham sandwich every two hours, everybody comes in and tells you you look ‘lush’ and they say how lovely the afternoon is outside,” she declared, adding, “I love Wales, I love Welsh cakes, I love walking in the hills.”

According to Dunham, she was rarely recognized. “I just look like any Welsh lady walking around with nine hairless pets,” she said. “When people did realize it was me, they definitely seemed confounded.”

As Dunham told Ross, she “was recovering from a broken heart” during her time in Wales, and found it to be a “healing” experience.

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Dunham, who celebrated one year of sobriety earlier this year, admitted that the U.K. pub culture isn’t conducive to dating while sober.

“Here’s the thing that I’m finding about dating here. I love being in England, love the culture, love the people,” she said. “I’m sober, it’s a choice, and I would say sober dating in the U.K. is a roughie. It was easy to find guys when I would drink because I would drink a lot, go over to their house, throw up and then they would have to let me stay.”

However, she found “being a polite woman of dignity and grace” to be “much more challenging. If anyone in the audience knows of a nice, sober, respectable but a little bit freaky man who would like to take me to dinner, I’m open.”

Dunham also revealed her hopes of reuniting the “Girls” cast for a revival at some point, telling Ross that she and her former co-stars are all “in touch when we can be.”

Continued Dunham: ‘It was a show about growing up and being in your 20s and we all had to go and be in our 30s and make other things but I would love at some point, once we’ve all gotten to enjoy our time in ‘Star Wars’ per se, I would love to do a movie at some point. That would be a joy.”

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There is one thing that she finds relieving about “Girls” having ended its run. “It’s been good not to be naked on TV for a few years. [I was naked] so much. At first it was kind of novel and by the end I was like, ‘Oh God, I go back to work and be naked again,'” she joked.

“You have to worry about shaving your legs and your armpits, it just becomes a situation,” she added. “The crew gets to know your body in ways that only a lover should.”

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