Alanis Morissette Wasn’t Allowed To Look Vanilla Ice In The Eyes When She Opened For Him

Before Alanis Morissette became a massive star, she was busy opening for Vanilla Ice in the early ’90s.

On Thursday, the Canadian singer appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” and was asked by a caller about whether it is true that Vanilla Ice had a rule forbidding her from looking him in the eye.

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“A lot of artists are overwhelmed by incredible, large amounts of stimuli and I think me looking at him was overstimulating him,” Morissette said diplomatically. “So I just averted my eyes.”

Another caller asked Morissette whether she ever plans to reveal the ex who inspired her iconic song “You Oughta Know”.

While the singer said no, host Andy Cohen reminded her that actor Dave Coulier claimed it was him during a “WWHL” appearance.

“I am intrigued with the thought, or the fact that more than one person is seeking credit for it,” Morissette said. “There’s something like six people that have taken credit for it and I just think, if you’re gonna take credit for a song where I’m singing about someone being a douche or an asshole, you might not want to say, ‘Hey, that’s me!’”

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Finally, Morissette talked to another caller about what she thinks of Britney Spears’ cover of “You Oughta Know” and revealed the person who left her the most starstruck in her life.

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