Megyn Kelly Slams Jimmy Kimmel Over Blackface Sketch After Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tries To Restart Feud

Sean Hannity is ready to throw down with Jimmy Kimmel… again.

On Thursday night’s edition of his Fox News show, the right-wing host was discussing a remark that constitutional law scholar Dr. Pamela Karlan made during her testimony at this week’s impeachment hearing.

Making the point that presidents do not have the same power as kings, Karlan joked, “So while the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron.”

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As Mediaite reports, Hannity was outraged, comparing the situation to the time Jimmy Kimmel impersonated first lady Melania Trump’s accent last year and the war of words that ensued between the TV hosts.

“We had a big fight that I won and I dare him to start it up again. Jimmy, start it, one more time,” Hannity said, adding a veiled threat. “I have a lot to bring out. I was just ready on the verge of unloading it all.”

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He added: “My offer stands, Jimmy Kimmel. I dare you, start up again. I will unload like you’ve never seen. I’ve got it all racked up and ready to go.”

Hannity’s former Fox News cohort Megyn Kelly weighed in, retweeting a news story about Hannity’s comments.

Kelly, who was famously fired by NBC over comments she made on her daytime talk show questioning why a white person wearing blackface would be offensive on Halloween, took a shot at Kimmel by posting a YouTube video of Kimmel in blackface for a “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” sketch in which he was costumed as NBA star Karl Malone.


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