Greta Gerwig Points Out The Similarities Between Motherhood And Filmmaking

For Greta Gerwig, filmmaking and motherhood are “twin adventures.”

The actress, screenwriter and director is one of Vogue‘s four January cover stars, as the magazine focuses on creative forces, role models and mothers for the month.

Gerwig opened up about the similarities of bringing a film and child into the world: “I think that feeling of forever being under qualified and kind awed by the thing.”

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Of course, Gerwig had some reservations about becoming a mother when it came to what she’d be able to do afterwards.

“I was always scared about being a mother, in terms of what it would mean for what I was able to do,” she said.

Photo by Annie Leibovitz
Photo by Annie Leibovitz

Gerwig, who welcomed her first child earlier this year, directed the most recent adaptation of “Little Women” set to be released on Christmas Day. When she turned in the rough cut of the film in March, she was ready to have her baby.

“I knew that as soon as I did that, some part of me would relax and then the baby would come,” she told Vogue.

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In order to finish that rough cut, the actress revealed she retreated to a cabin in Big Sur to revise the screenplay: “I needed to spend some alone time with Louisa, because so much of making art requires some amount of mysticism.”

Besides “Little Women”, Gerwig is also co-writing Warner Bros.’ “Barbie” movie with her husband Noah Baumbach. She will also be playing Marsha in a production of “Three Sisters” on Broadway in the spring.

You can read the full interview here.

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