Camila Cabello’s solo career definitely started off with a bang when her debut album hit the top of the Billboard 200 chart.

So, big things are expected from her follow-up Romance, which hit shelves and streaming services on Dec. 6.

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However, while sitting down with ET Canada’s Sangita Patel in Los Angeles, their conversation quickly turned to her boyfriend Shawn Mendes, especially when she found out Sangita was Canadian.

“He taught me some of the words to the Canadian national anthem!” she hilariously shares.

“We went to see the Raptors. I literally made him play the Canadian National Anthem cause I was like ‘I want to learn it! Cause I want to stand up and do it!,'” adds Cabello.

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Although fans would love to hear her cover “O Canada”, they still can’t get over her and Mendes’ steamy collaboration “Señorita”, which was just recently nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

The 22-year-old reflects on the prestigious nod with the Canadian singer, saying it’s “so crazy” for her to think about.

“When Shawn and I met like five years ago, we were like 16, 17-years-old. We were writing a song backstage in the dressing room. We were just kids, and for us to be like nominated for a Grammy now, together, all the memories that this song has and all the memories that we have together and our friendship… it’s really amazing to share that with someone,” she candidly admits.

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Another standout moment from the “Living Proof” singer’s whirlwind year was when she and her beau dropped the sexy music video for their hit single. However, Cabello reveals she was a little bit nervous while on set.

“Of course it was fun, but it was so nerve-wracking cause at the same… like we were just friends. So we were like ‘Oh my god! We have to kiss each other,'” she reveals. “It was like… we had to have tequila shots.”

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In case you missed it, Cabello not only took the stage with Mendes at the 2019 AMAs, but she also performed with the Artist of the Decade recipient, Taylor Swift.

Swift’s performance came just days after her former label Big Machine Records allegedly wouldn’t let her play her tracks that she had previously recorded with them. However, an agreement was eventually reached, prompting the “Shameless” singer to take the stage with her to perform “Shake It Off”.

“I think that she’s such an inspiring woman and she really just stands up for what she believes in,” Cabello says about Swift fighting the good fight for other artists.

“I think that she is not even consciously such a mentor to me because just kind of seeing the way she acts and the way she handles things and the passion that she has is super inspiring to me,” the musician adds.

“So, you know getting to hear her sing ‘Love Story’ backstage and have my mic in my hand and know that I was going to go sing with her…I think Halsey felt the same way…cause she is just literally the soundtrack to our lives,” says Cabello.

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Now, of course, Cabello’s sophomore album is titled Romance, so how does she describe falling in love?

“I think you just feel it in the air like when somebody just looks you in the eyes and tells you something that they really mean. Or touches you or kisses you in a way that you really feel it,” Cabello shares.

Check out our full interview with the “Liar” songstress below.