Joy Behar Miffs Meghan McCain With MAGA Hat Comment On ‘The View’: ‘I’ve Never Worn A MAGA Hat’

A discussion of Nancy Pelosi on Friday’s edition of “The View” led Meghan McCain and Joy Behar to get into it yet again, with a Behar quip about MAGA hats setting off McCain.

In the segment, the panel is talking about Nancy Pelosi’s comments to a reporter from a right-wing website, who asked if she was leading the impeachment of President Donald Trump because she hates him.

“I don’t hate anyone,” Pelosi fired back, declaring that hatred was not a part of her religious upbringing before reprimanding him. “Don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that.”

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McCain said she agreed that Pelosi did a great job with her answer, but took issue with Pelosi turning the moment into a cash grab.

“I think the problem is when — she did answer it masterfully — the problem is now she’s now selling t-shirts that say #DontMessWithNancy,” said McCain. “For $39, you can buy a t-shirt.”

“Do they come in black?” Behar joked, but McCain wasn’t having it.

“My problem is everything is a meme, everything’s for the Internet,” she said. “This is very serious, we’re talking about the Constitution, we’re talking about impeachment and, to me, it reduces it, it’s very reductive to start selling sweatshirts that say #DontMesswithNancy.”

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“So you mean like hats that say Make America Great Again,” Behar shot back, the audience cheering and clapping as McCain shook her head in disgust.

“You know what, I’m just trying to make a point and I’ve never worn a MAGA hat, I think you know better than anybody I would never wear a MAGA hat,” McCain replied. “And politics doesn’t have to be a meme and clicktivism, but whatever.”

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