If there is one person in the U.K. that could understand what it is like to be under the microscope of British media it would be Daniel Radcliffe who rocketed to stardom when he was cast as Harry Potter at 10-year-old.

The actor spoke to People about his TV show “Miracle Workers” but also revealed that he feels “terrible” for the Duchess of Sussex who has been undergoing an onslaught of criticism from the media since she first met Prince Harry.

“Look I feel really terrible for Meghan Markle,” Radcliffe said. “I have always felt Harry and William. Ha, l like I know them. Prince Harry and Prince William seem like they are very cool and modern and young.”

“I don’t take a huge interest, I’m sorta hearing bits and pieces and I hear the Meghan Markle thing being privy to the full force of the British media. I can’t even imagine,” he added.

It is that scrutiny from the British media that makes Radcliffe believe that it must be true love between the two.

“That is why I have always thought their relationship was sweet because I thought ‘she must love you if she wants to get involved in this crazy life.’ It must be insane,” Radcliffe said.

He then went on to talk about how Princes Harry and William have had to deal with the media since the day they were born.

“What I have and what I went through is a fraction of what they have and went through and they went through it from birth. They didn’t even get 10 years like I did,” he concluded. “I’m not into the institution of the monarchy, but I have a huge amount of respect and empathy for them.”