Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson appeared on Friday night’s edition of “The Graham Norton Show” to promote their new sequel “Jumanji: The Next Level”, which led to a discussion of filming in front of green screens so special effects and CGI wild animals can be added later.

Hart told host Graham Norton that he’d rather use a green screen than film with real animals. “I prefer that to actual animals,” said Hart.

Johnson interjected, “You gotta put it in context — he hates animals. He has a real fear of them.”

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“Stop saying ‘fear,'” said Hart, explaining. “It’s not a fear. I don’t understand what you’re thinking about, so I don’t want to be around you because I can’t…”

“Kevin, it’s just a poodle,” joked Johnson.

As the former WWE great outlined all the different locations the new movie introduces, he revealed that while the actors rode camels in the desert, Hart “got to know his camel very, very well. Terrified of camels.”

“Racist camel!” Hart joked. “Let’s get it out there.”

While Johnson scoffed at that claim, Hart tried to back it up. “My camel had it out for me… was any other camel making noises?”

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Johnson then explained his belief that animals feed off a human’s energy, and Hart brought “a very fearful energy.”

“I’m racist against myself!” Hart joked, adding, “It was not a nice camel.”

Hart and Johnson weren’t the only ones to offer an animal anecdote. Fellow guest and “Doctor Who” star Jodie Whitaker shared her tale of encountering a venomous spider. Watch: