The 1975’s Matt Healy Takes Issue With Headline Declaring He’s Come Out As ‘Aesthete’: ‘I Didn’t Come Out As Anything’

A recent feature on Matt Healy is not going over well with the frontman of The 1975, who is taking issue with a headline announcing that he “comes out as ‘aesthete.'”

The feature, from LGBTQ website Queerty, boasts the headline, “Matt Healy comes out as ‘aesthete,’ says he’ll kiss beautiful men but won’t have sex with them.”

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In the interview, Healy was careful not to categorize his sexuality. “I tend not to talk about my sexuality that explicitly because I don’t really have to and all things are subject to change,” he said. “I’m an aesthete. I see things as objectively beautiful, so men can be objectively beautiful.”

While he did describe himself as an “aesthete,” Healy is insistent that he didn’t “come out,” as being an aesthete — “a person who has or affects to have a special appreciation of art and beauty,” according to the Oxford dictionary definition — has nothing to do with sexuality.

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“I didn’t come out as anything,” wrote Healy on Twitter, adding, “this a weird thing to say. I did an interview with a Queer publication and was asked about my sexuality. I’m not playing a game and trying to take up queer spaces I’m simply trying to be an ally and this headline makes me uncomfortable.”

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