Steve Harvey’s history of hosting the Miss Universe pageant hasn’t been positive, most famously announcing the wrong winner in 2015.

His 2019 hosting duties on Sunday didn’t go much better, though it wasn’t the disaster some people thought at first.

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During the live show, Harvey made many angry with his off-colour commentary.

While talking to Miss Colombia, Harvey made a joke about the cartel. Miss Colombia looked taken aback as he quickly realized he messed up.

Miss Colombia didn’t get the chance to say anything at the moment but a few minutes later her package was shown in which she said: “I’m a lawyer and have fighting violence in my country.”

Later, he seemed to make yet another big goof when some thought he announced the wrong name once again while talking about the winner for Best National Costume.

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He called Miss Philippines and showed her picture but the winner actually appeared to be Miss Malaysia, Shweta Sekhon, who was already told to go stand next to the host. He quickly blamed it on the teleprompter.

Check out the fan reaction below:

Later in the evening, though, the Miss Universe competition tweeted out that Harvey, in fact, had the National Costume winner right when he called out Miss Philippines.


Miss Malaysia’s team aren’t pleased with the mix-up. The National Director of Miss Malaysia, Elaine Daly, told TMZ that Sekhon and her entire team legitimately thought she had won because that is what showrunners had told them and were never told differently.

According to Daly, Sekhon was told to change into her National Costume, which the ladies all showcased during the preliminary round, and to go stand next to Harvey. From there, Sekhon was told to conduct interviews on her win.

The Miss Universe Organization has denied this, saying that Sekhon simply jumped the gun and assumed she won. A fact that Daly is calling false. She claims that after trying to clarify what happened, someone from the organization said they just liked Sekhon’s outfit so told her to stand there even though Miss Philippines won. What doesn’t make sense to anyone is why would you announce one winner but have someone else standing next to you.

It’s said Sekhon is devastated as this would have been the first win for her country whereas the Philippines consistently places.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, many complained about Harvey’s joke about Colombia.


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