Clint Eastwood Says Working Next To Ellen DeGeneres On The Warner Bros. Lot ‘Takes A Lot Of Versatility’

Anyone who regularly watches “The Ellen DeGeneres” knows that Clint Eastwood is a neighbour on the Warner Bros. lot but rarely pops in despite DeGeneres’ never-ending attempts.

On Monday’s episode, Eastwood is making one of his rare appearances where he and DeGeneres talk about his upcoming 90th birthday and what it is like to work next to the host.

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“You are a good neighbour, you never complain,” DeGeneres said before revealing that they snuck into his bungalow to decorate for the holidays.

“This is pretty nice,” Eastwood responded upon seeing the giant Rudolph and Frosty inflatables outside. “A lot better than some of the things she has done. One time she called up and said somebody made a pinata of her and said you have to go out there and take a baseball bat and beat the hell out of it.”

“Being her neighbour takes a lot of versatility,” he added.

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The two also spoke about his 90th birthday.

“It is May 31 in case you are going to give me some swag,” he said laughing.

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