Sam Smith Is ‘Loving’ Coming Out As Non-Binary But Says: ‘I’m Scared Everyday’

Coming out has been a mixed bag for Sam Smith.

Smith is “loving” the sense of freedom and self-expression that accompanies their coming out as non-binary. Unfortunately, they now have to deal with homophobia and sexism in the mainstream music industry.

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“I’m scared every day… just being my feminine self in this world that we’re in,” the “Dancing with a Stranger” singer told “Hits 1” on SiriusXM. “The music industry… can be a bit homophobic, it’s a bit sexist at times.”

Smith, 27, had a chance to express their feminism in the music video for “How Do You Sleep”.

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“I think creatively, I’m realizing now, that’s the best space to be in. Because you feel joy quicker when you’re being vulnerable like that,” they said. “I’ve always been like that when I’ve been in the club and with my friends… but I think showing it to the world and showing it to people is a different thing, isn’t it. And I finally felt safe enough to do so.”

Also, a shout out to all the fierce women in heels: “I don’t know how you girls do it. I can’t go out dancing in heels… singing live in heels is a bit impossible.”

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