Meghan Markle’s friend Jennifer Meyer has reportedly been told to stop using photos of the Duchess of Sussex to promote her jewelry line.

Markle has been pictured in Meyer’s jewelry at least 10 times, however, the Mirror has now claimed Meyer was “in breach of a non-disclosure agreement” by sharing the snaps on her Instagram and website.

A royal source told the paper, “Jennifer Meyer has been told to remove the images and in no uncertain terms how damaging this could be for Meghan and the Royal Family.”

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Most of the posts have now reportedly been removed.

Despite the company itself being yet to respond, the Mirror claimed a senior palace spokesman confirmed Jennifer Meyer Jewelry was in breach of a non-disclosure agreement.

Meyer, who was married to Tobey Maguire from 2007-2017, is also friends with Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson and Reese Witherspoon.

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An array of snaps with her celeb pals remain on the site.

ET Canada has reached out to Jennifer Meyer Jewelry. The palace refused to comment.