January Jones channels some cool Betty Draper energy in the trailer for “Spinning Out”.

Netflix’s new figure skating drama sees the “Mad Men” star step into the role of Carol, the former queen of the rink and icy mom to figure skater Kat (Kaya Scodelario) who is looking to get back into competition after being sidelined by a nasty fall. Partnering with a bad boy skater is Kat’s only way back on the ice, if the two can learn to work together in spite of the pain, pills and parental pressure.

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“You were perfect but now when I look at you all I see is wasted potential,” Jones’ Carol menaces in the trailer.


Emma Roberts was originally cast in the role of Kat, but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts one month after being cast. “The Maze Runner” actress Scodelario stepped in once Roberts backed out.

The 10-episode drama launches on Netflix on Jan. 1.