Chris Harrison has been surrounded by romance since the very first episode of “The Bachelor” all those seasons ago, and now the longtime Bachelor Nation host is announcing a new sideline: officiating weddings.

Harrison, 48, has just set up a new website promoting his venture, revealing that for the right price he’s available to assist couples say “I do.”

“Since 2012 Chris Harrison is an ordained minister with Universal Life Church,” declares the site. “He customizes each of his weddings to the couple.”

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On the site, couples are encouraged to provide their wedding date, location of the nuptials and any other pertinent details; no price is listed for Harrison’s services, however.

As People reports, a Reddit user came across the website and asked other users what kind of “Bachelor” references they’d like to see him use during a wedding ceremony.

“I’d make him say, ‘I can confirm that these two people are definitely here for the right reasons and this won’t be the most dramatic ceremony ever,” joked one user.

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Harrison is no novice when it comes to marrying couples; as People reminds, he made his debut back in 2012 when he officiated the wedding of Bachelor producers Cassie Lambert and Pete Scalettar.

Performing weddings isn’t the only service Harrison offers; according to his site, he will also record personalized video messages and host non-wedding events.

The woman who designed the site gave it a plug on Twitter, while Harrison retweeted a very excited tweet from Entertainment Weekly TV writer Kristen Baldwin.

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