Kevin Hart returns to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday for the first time since his serious car accident.

Hart admits there was a time when he couldn’t move after undergoing back surgery, telling DeGeneres: “I couldn’t wipe my a**!

“My biggest triumph was when I put my socks on, when I put my socks on it was the biggest thing in the world.”

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Hart adds of the crash, “You don’t realize that your back is connected to everything, so coming out of back surgery everything changed because you’re kinda helpless. That’s when you see what really matters, who really matters. Life kind of hits you in a completely different way.

“I’ve got a completely different look on life now, a much better one.”

The actor also tells DeGeneres he realized no one loves him as much as Oprah Winfrey after she sent him an enormous floral arrangement following his accident, and how it’s still alive three months later.

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He then talks about working with a problematic camel while filming “Jumanji: The Next Level”. See more in the clip below.