Seth Meyers Responds To Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Comments About ‘SNL’ Being ‘Sexist’ When She Worked There

Seth Meyers responded to those Julia Louis-Dreyfus “Saturday Night Live” remarks during an appearance on Tuesday’s “Watch What Happens Live”.

Louis-Dreyfus recently called the sketch show a “very sexist” place when she worked on it back in the ’80s.

Meyers said, when asked about the comments by a caller, “I think I worked there at a much better time. I think part of that was when I started on the show, Tina Fey was head writer and there were a lot of strong women at the show who were in positions of power, and I think they just laid out a much better framework for that to not be an issue, so I was lucky.”

Meyers’ comments come after Louis-Dreyfus told Stephen Colbert at a fundraiser over the weekend: “I was unbelievably naive and I didn’t really understand how the dynamics of the place worked.

“It was very sexist, very sexist. People were doing crazy drugs at the time. I was oblivious. I just thought, Oh wow, he’s got a lot of energy,” she added, according to Vulture.

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ET Canada has contacted “SNL” for a comment but has yet to hear back.

Meyers’ “WWHL” appearance also saw him talk about that day-drinking session with Rihanna.

Admitting he got incredibly drunk after having around eight drinks in two hours, Meyers said: “Plus, just being around Rihanna is its own alcohol, so it was kind of both at the same time.”

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“I gotta be honest, I went home and fell asleep in the foyer of my apartment. And I think she went out. It turns out that Rihanna might be younger and cooler than me. It’s official now.”

“Saturday Night Live” airs at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT, Saturdays on Global.

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