Search engine giant Google has released its annual list of the top searches this year.

The Year in Search is Google’s annual analysis of trillions of searches performed globally throughout the year.

Here are Canada’s top trending searches of 2019:

Toronto Raptors
Kawhi Leonard
Canada Election Results
Luke Perry
Cameron Boyce
Game of Thrones
Bianca Andreescu
Don Cherry
Hurricane Dorian

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Here is what questions Canadians were asking most in 2019:

Top trending questions – “Why…”

Why is Toronto called the 6?
Why did Don Cherry get fired?
Why is blackface offensive?
Why is it called Good Friday?
Why am I always tired?
Why is celery so expensive?
Why is the Amazon burning?
Why did the Jonas Brothers break up?
Why do we have Daylight Savings?
Why is Fortnite not working?

Top trending questions – “How…”

How do I register to vote?
How old is Dolly Parton?
How many seats are needed to win a majority?
How many games are in the NBA Finals?
How old is Canada in 2019?
How many episodes are in Game of Thrones Season 8?
How tall is Kyle Lowry?
How do you pronounce psalm?
How many fouls to foul out in the NBA?
How many seats are in the House of Commons?

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Top trending questions – “Who…”

Who should I vote for?
Who won the Raptors game?
Who won the Super Bowl?
Who killed Jimmy Hoffa?
Who won the Stanley Cup?
Who invented basketball?
Who is the Whistleblower?
Who created Tik Tok?
Who is Greta Thunberg?
Who own Greenland?

Google’s 10 trending Canadian moments of the decade:

1) Toronto Raptors win the NBA Championship for the first time ever

2) Bianca Andreescu becomes highest ranked Canadian tennis player of all time, winning two grand slams

3) Drake dominated pop music this past decade. The Toronto native beat the Beatles’ 50-year record for the most top 10 singles on Billboard’s Top 100

4) The Humboldt Broncos bus crash unites the nation in tragedy.

5) Canadians from coast to coast to coast tuned in to watch the The Tragically Hip’s final concert following Gord Downie’s cancer diagnosis.

6) Canada meets its target to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees

7) During his third mission to space, Col. Chris Hadfield became the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station, making him the first Canadian in history to command a space mission.

8) Justin Bieber is currently the most-subscribed artist on YouTube with over 20 billion views. Trending searches for Bieber peaked in 2011 when Never Say Never debuted.

9) Canada celebrates the heroes of the Fort McMurray wildfire

10) Canada arrives on the world stage like never before with the Vancouver 2010 Olympics