‘What’s Luv?’ Saved Fat Joe’s Life But Nearly Bankrupted Him

Fat Joe had to learn Icarus’ lesson the hard way.

The “Lean Back” rapper recently sat down with Elliott Wilson for TIDAL‘s “CRWN” interview series. Joe, 49, said Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.), and the hit single “What’s Luv?” featuring Ashanti saved his life. It also had him spending more than his means.

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“I made so much money that I was going to the bank every f**king day to get 50,000 in cash,” Joe said. “Every n***a in my crew — 30 n****s in the Bronx — has white f**king Cadillac trucks with TS chains on.”

“So I go in there one day and the lady goes, ‘Mr. Joe, there must be something wrong. There’s no money in your bank account,'” he reflected.

Joe immediately left the bank and started following up on any and all debts owed to him.

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“I left the bank, my n***a,” Joe continued. “You know how they be coming in n***a’s cribs for taxes? Taking the chickens, the cow, and shit? ‘Any n***a owe me a dollar — go get the s**t…’ This gets bad because it’s people we actually love.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Joe discussed his allegiance in the renewed beef between his pals Eminem and Nick Cannon.

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