Actress Monica Ruiz has had a whirlwind couple of weeks.

The viral sensation, known as “Peloton Wife” for her role in a widely mocked and divisive ad from exercise company Peloton, appeared Thursday morning on the “Today” show.

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“Did you understand why people got spun up about it?” co-anchor Hoda Kotb asked.

“Honestly, I think it was just my face,” Ruiz laughed, explaining that her expression in the ad left people confused about whether she was worried about her Peloton bike.

Ruiz also explained that because of the controversy over the ad, she tried to stay out of the public eye for a while and “wait for it to blow over.”

She does want everyone to know now, though, “I’m fine. I’m okay. I’m not in a rehab for mental health anywhere.

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After the Peloton ad went viral, Ruiz was cast in a parody ad for Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin company, but the two never actually met, so “Today” made that happen to her surprise.

Reynolds revealed that the parody ad originally came about after he joked to his creative partner that they should send Ruiz a lifetime supply of gin.

“I feel like I’m in an alternate universe right now, this is so weird,” Ruiz commented.